Mary Ann Lane

Legal graffiti wall in Dundee, United Kingdom


Both sides of this lane spanning the entire length are legal - landlords, police and council are aware. Only walls INSIDE the lane are legal. Wall is about 4m high and has a mix of breezeblock/brick and sandstone surfaces.

The whole left building was knocked down. A lot more throw ups since and its in view of two main roads so im assuming its still fine. never been hassled. theres a fence up but it has a space in the middle thats been removed

Still safe- decent parking, no hassle- a really great spot with some awesome work!

What a spot, some incredible art there, no hassle, part of is fenced off but gence is flinsy wih muliple gaps, i popped theough in middle of day to take photos and no one batted an eyelid, prerty safe too as next to bus station

it will stay "legal" till they build something there lol we paint here all time

Is this wall still safe to paint?