Need More Cans Abandoned Factory

Legal graffiti wall in Ostim Osb, Turkey


It is a huge abandoned factory with more than 30 wide and long walls. Some walls have been painted but you would find a free wall to paint . It is better to go there with a local writer. You can talk to the local writers via the instagram page of Ankara's local crew called 'needmorecans'. You can get to the wall by bus. you should ask the bus driver if the bus passes through ''Batikent - Carrefour'. The factory is behind a gas station and the gas station is infront of the carrefour in Batikent.

you should make sure there is no drug addict homeless people inside the place, it always better to go there with a local writer. Nice walls that you can see from the road.

No walls anymore. Sorry

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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