Jerma Hotel

Legal graffiti wall in Marsaskala, Malta


Jerma Palace Hotel in Malta was a Four Star Hotel which operated in the South of Malta for twenty five years before running in debt and closing its doors. Since then the building has been completely stripped of everything but the supporting walls. A streetart festival took place here in 2015

Painted there in January 2020. Amazing place, very nice to paint. Lots of great walls and cool atmosphere.

Still there @ Nov2022, painted the rooftop, some local Kids running around, No problems with authorities tho,.. easy to climb in from north east

Really loved this place to paint in January 2024. Painted for hours without anyone to come here. Sometimes bird hunters walking around the area. At first glance easy to think they are guards bacause of the huge-ass rifle and dog they got, but they are no threat :D

Is this wall still safe to paint?