Southampton Common

Legal graffiti wall in Southampton, United Kingdom


couple of walls in a pedestrian subway below the avenue.

'pedestrian subway' also called an 'underpass'. a footpath below a road.

It is 100% legal as long as you stick to the walls in the subway, the "wings" which are not undercover are illegal. You are also supposed to get in contact with McAndrew (or might be some company now, not sure) before you paint there..but he never turns you down..I've had popo walk past as I've been painting..been nothing more than a good morning haha.

I have painted this wall about 3 times now. Pretty nice cotch, but DO NOT paint when it rains, it might be covered overhead but the water comes down and it's like standing in a small little river!

Painted there too many times over the years, can confirm it is 100% legal. Yeah if rains don't paint the side without the lights a small river will gush through

Completely legal, painted there many times over the last 8 years no probs whatsoever, rules used to be dont paint the outer walls leading to the underpass, but all gone over now. 100% legal wall.

Painted here two weeks ago. Still going strong

Painted here yesterday (27th of May) 100% legal

Painted there a few weeks ago. Still legal it seems. Few pedestrians and cyclists passing by didn't bother at all. Great works from all artists, keep it strong!

4 hours of painting. Not problems. Just clean up when you leave

Turn up, flex ur style, go home.. all legal, all good..

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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