Tiverton Youth Centre

Legal graffiti wall in Tiverton, United Kingdom


i am unsure of the exact location of the youth centre and what the wall(s) is like, however i do know that it is 100% legal. the blue pin that i've put on the map is a rough guide. more info: Tiverton Youth Community Centre Bolham Road Tiverton EX16 6SG Tel. 01884 252642

I pass by this wall regularly on the way to the Exe Valley Leisure Centre and I am always fascinated by the beautifully done murals. There is clearly a lot of artististic and creative talent among Tiverton's young people and I just wish I had some of their obvious ability. Well done to the organisers of this wall.

I'm The new Area Youth worker in charge of the youth centre. The walls are 100% legal but we are trying to limit the amount of walls used. please contact me on the number above to discuss what walls to use. cheers James

confirmed legal, nice spot too! seems to be a slowish turnover of pieces. worth the short bump off the motorway. E

I am a worker at Tiverton Youth Centre and we are looking for any graffiti artists that have used the walls or would like to, to come in and potetially do some graffiti with some of our young people.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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