Hossier Lane

Legal graffiti wall in Melbourne, Australia


Inner City Legal Wall

i painted there.. it's a low key wall.. i guess it's not completely legal but you can paint there if you are comfortable with painting a busy alley with lots of people to see you.. it like a block away from the melbourne museum.. the graffiti covers the whole alley including an entire outside of a building with in the alley. awesome artistic place..

if its with permission, its legal. fuckwit.

just go for it

Hosier Lane is not legal. Hosier Lane has never been legal. Hosier Lane is privately commissioned. If you have not been commissioned, then don't paint there. This is not a place to learn to paint. If you don't understand and respect, you will be asked to leave, and police may be called. No toys, no slashing, no dickheads, no arguments.

Admins, this listing should be removed. Hosier Lane is not legal.

I just visited there in September on my vacation to Melbourne. The alley is well done and very popular. Here are the photos I took that I posted to my Flickr [flickr.com/photos/26617355@N02/sets/72157625109834235/]. Full resolution, feel free to download them for wallpapers if you like.

It´s not actually fully legal but seriously nobody takes offence there, it´s probably one of melbourne´s most visited sights and most iconic laneways. Hundreds of tourists there every day taking flix, never ever had a problem painting there although some old bitch who´s running a gallery there told me that you have to be comissioned to paint there...

theres a guy called andi...he ownes a gallery or smth like that in the hosier lane...he can give you permission. i painted there 3 times, always asked him and never had a problem. maybe some people in a restaurant feel bothered by the paint...you just have to check if its open the time you wanna paint...otherwise it should be cool...but well..just ask somebody there for andi and you should be fine!

Here is a collection of shots from the Lanes of Melbourne including Hosier, ACDC and Union for anyone interested in checking them out: flickr.com/photos/chasingghosts/sets/72157626898221732 Cheers, Chasing Ghosts.

It's all legal to paint

It’s never been legal to paint here, people just started painting there because the police didn’t use to be able to catch people doing it. Now there’s security cameras everywhere and lots of people have been getting fines, going to juvenile detention centres and even jail for quite a long time. Get written permission with a confirmed design woth the owner of the wall/building or you will get in a lot of trouble.

i think people can just do what they want to do with or without risks, it is legal but i think if it is legal why do we need permission, nothing wrong against street art but tagging over the top of beautiful art work that why people are getting arrested .

On the fence here. It's legal but not. Generally you do need permission but getting checked is so unheard of. Some parts are commission based. It's weird - do any sort of throw up and you'll be inviting trouble, claim its street art and you are sweet. With all the tourist around taking pics its so not worth your time during peak hour. Not worth the headache I generally feel but if that doesn't bother you, have a blast!

it is legal. I have been painting there for more than 2 years. There is only one "rule" dont go over a piece if your design isn't better.

Painted here multiple times with no hassle at all. It's often promoted as a tourist attraction so get ready for people standing next to you at random and picking up your cans to pose for photos. Considering how many others spots are in the Melbourne area, I would just avoid Hossier Lane as it's often just rammed with people wanting to get cool photos of the 'street art'.

Is this wall still safe to paint?