The Subaway

Legal graffiti wall in Norwich, United Kingdom


A paedestrian subway running under grapes hill dual carrigeway, Flat crete walls 6'ish high about 200' long on each side. A special for lovers of crackheads and tweakers that inhabit norwich tellin' you how they used to write and they still do loads on paper or the how much would you charge to do my sons bedroom brigade, or even the 'the police are on their way, i just called them brigade' and yes even the 'you missed a bit there' group. HAaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha. Good when its raining though.

only the internal walls are legal you will get nicked if you paint the external brick wall. Friendly locals, just watch who you go over

Been painting the underpass for years - never had any problems. Just plenty of positive comments from the general public walking by....oh, and the occasional crack head asking for a light. ;-) +DEKA+

legal, but ur work will get dogged by the locals so get pics

Went painting there, a lot just walked by, three were interested and some old fat guy having a fag got angry, apart from that it’s perfect.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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