Anglia Square

Legal graffiti wall in Norwich, United Kingdom


Old knocked down warehouse area, many shaped/sized walls from 6ft tall to 8'. Fenced in and no one has gate key anymore so its a small climb. Mainly brick walls. Home to the Cause jams.

anglia sq a nice chilled out place to paint on a sunny day lot of wall space about 30/ 35 walls some really high and some about 7 ft!! peace ouch tb dbp

security has the key. You cant paint here untill November 2010 because of building work. For info on this area contact tony at stickyfingerz shop just round the corner

this area is still ok to paint. Now car past so best on sat and sun due to risk of paint on cars. Wanna paint Norwich

yeah its a legal wall enough said

Have to get permission from land owner, was there today and was asked to move on by security until we have permission

The one in the pic is a legal just the one on the abandoned offices nearby needs perms

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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