Nedostavané Metro (Depo)

Legal graffiti wall in Bratislava, Slovakia


Dostanete sa tam linkami MHD 95,97 (treba vystúpiť na konečnej zastávke)

i painted there and nobody was looking no police etc.

They are building a tram station

It's still cool, of course, but they're tearing down the walls because they're building a power plant, and it's not legal so be careful around it, those booths aren't just the big walls either

The spot is still safe (not 100% legal, but its also not 100% ilegal) to paint at, although it wont be safe in a few months because they are building a tram station there. Just be nice to the works there, be aware of the big and dangerous construction machinery and you will be fine (the workers there are super chill so there almost no chance they will call police on you, ALMOST no chance)

Is this wall still safe to paint?