Fratton Park

Legal graffiti wall in Portsmouth, United Kingdom


2 long walls on the home stadium of Portsmouth FC, a football (soccer) team in the English Premier League. crazy but true!

fully legal(did check with the club), very nice wall to paint.

Get MTN 94 in the Blunt CO shop down Southsea!

The location is easy, go to google maps and ask for directions from fratton station to fratton park

Sick place to go and check out the street art!

Please keep site tidy! take all used cans etc home with you!

Still safe. Just tidy up and no stupid graffiti

Just been down there people walking passed saying evening and watching me paint

Was down there yesterday, the pieces are incredible and people are friendly. Spoke to security just to be sure and they said it’s all good, just don’t touch anything that’s been painted club blue.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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