Meadow Lane Skate Park

Legal graffiti wall in Oxford, United Kingdom


couple of good flat walls and backs of skate ramps. trees provide nice shade in the summer.

you want a good flick ? you prolly aint gonna get one, cuz you cant move back enough since the place is so damn small, this aint no REAL hall of fame, it's a just a place for toys, you aint gonna do a burner here...not in these conditions. This place is pathetic, the owner doesnt let you do what you want here, why you talkin about some godamn shade, who the hell cares...shade only screws your photo anyway, thought you knew. This place is only good for the little toys that wanna practice their little 2p throw-ups, when actually they should be at home sketching their ass off and only comming out when they paid their dues. A dedicated writer does not waste his time in these sorts of places. This is a MacDonald's playground for kids, only thing missing here is that dumb clown to throw a bday party for you kids. This place makes writing look bad. You guys need to travel more and see what a real hall of fame is where 50 writers show up every weekend and drop 50 bombs. How the hell could Oxford be a place like that.

of course its not a 'real' hall of fame. pretty much every skatepark around the world is somewhat like this. we all know them. "A dedicated writer does not waste his time in these sorts of places." a dedicated writer does not waste his time with legal walls, period! keep it in perspective dude.

Revamped, completly new skatepark, plenty of painting space check oxford wheels project website.

Only one, maybe two decent sized flat walls to paint a decent piece on. Not the best place to paint, waste of time really.

Is this wall still safe to paint?