Hailey Park

Legal graffiti wall in Cardiff, United Kingdom


two walls both 500ft long, various heights. 100% legal. not too far to walk from Llandaff North train station.

gone here a few times, parts of the wall aren't that great tho

really chilled legal, gone here once or twice, some bad walls dont go there on a bad day!!

Nice chilled spot, lots of bad walls though. I wouldn't recommend going there any day that's showing any signs of rain or damp, water seeps through some of the brickwork and drips. The Boiler House, a graffiti gallery and shop is set up literally behind the larger wall, they sell paint there, so if you're running short on any colours or caps, just pop around and go crazy. They have a website too with information on upcoming jams and exhibitions.

now gone. There is currently boards where there is redevelopment but TBH these are not that great, and will be gone soon. E

all good

Building has been knocked down.

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