Dok Noord - Legal graffiti spot- not official but safe to paint

Legal graffiti wall in Gent, Belgium


Huge former grind collector place with about 200m wall to paint

December 2020 OK. Search for ",Grindbakken" opposite to the Dok-Noord mall. Incredible spot. When it has rained, some parts get flooded for days. Warning! The spot will be demolished for the building of a bridge (Verapazbrug). This bridge should be ready in 2023 so be quick!

Febuari 2022, seems like it has been untouched for a while but need to be mindful of rain the days before. The place tends to be flooded after for several days. Not sure if this is due to the rain or the water bank.

They are taking it down atm

You van still paint but next year it WILL BE completely torn down 😒😒😒

It’s being demolished but bits of it were still accessible in October 22

they are demolishing the place but some walls are still good to paint on in 2024

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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