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Legal graffiti wall in Grays, United Kingdom


a huge wall next to river thames. 1.6 miles (2.6 km) long! 6.5 feet high. exit junction 30 of M25. nearest rail station: chafford hundred.

finally a decent hall of fame ! only problem here : wall is prolly 1.8m to 2m max height. Most writers don't care, but think about it...if your style is constrained vertically then you can only do horizontal/diagonal flows. This also means the bkgd plays less of an impt role. The pieces most often have to hit the ground and go off the top, as a result, bkgd is mainly to the left and right of your piece but not all around...therefore, your piece is not emphasized to its fullest potential. This place would be one of the best hall of fames in europe if there was an extra meter and the weather wasn't so crap all the time. The Lakeside Writer's Association is currently circulating a petition and promoting charity operations in order to raise funds to conduct a massive operation of brick laying at this place during the night of the winter solstice 08.

this spot is not legal people have been arrested writing here.

ive been there a good few times and never seen police its the same as chelmsford they dont really care aslong as you take your tins with yah and dont do anything stupid they shud let yah paint, if not just be causious and where gloves then walk off . You’ll see em coming. the main thing you have to be aware of is the dirt bikers who rore up the walkway and at blind spots can fuckin kill yah good wall good spots good day if the weather good.

we got dun by the old bill here... not legal!!

ITS NOT LEGAL...ITS TOLERATED. police dont really care

good spot

nice wall no police just watch of for those fucking pit bikes!!!

Graf jam there this Sunday!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - IMPORTANT INFORMATION - PLEASE READ THIS IS NOT A LEGAL GRAFFITI WALL STATEMENT FROM THURROCK COUNCIL Thurrock does not have, nor does it ever plan to have, a legal graffiti wall. The Council regards graffiti as an act of criminal damage and adopts a zero tolerance approach, to protect public and private property. As well as damaging property, graffiti / tagging also causes intimidation and fear of crime. It generates a cycle of disrespect that can lead to more excessive forms of vandalism, anti-social behaviour and crime. Essex Police arrest those caught tagging or carrying spray cans and our Community Protection Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) also have the legislative powers to issue fixed penalty notices to anyone caught defacing public or private property.

In april 2013 one essex and two London based artists were arrested by essex police at this wall. Having been arrested they were taken to Grey's police station questioned and held for 12 hours for the alleged offence of criminal damage to property valued under £5000. Arfter having there Paint confiscated they were granted bail to reappear at greys police station three weeks later. On there return one was heavily fined and two were cautioned. The wall is part owned by the Port authority and Thurrock council both were unwilling to press charges.

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