Snösätra Hall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Stockholm, Sweden


Amazing outdoor graffiti exhibition, one of the largest in Europe with 4.500km surface to paint

Snösätra is a big active industrial area. There are some rules to follow. Open walls 24/7 and there is a restricted area you need permission to paint. Get in touch with

Best graffiti spot I've ever seen while in Europe. The most impressive thing there is that this Hall Of Fame consists also of arts and really cool murals. The place is hella gigantic! It's also worth to visit just to take a look at art itself. Sick as hell!

Amazing big area to paint but some of the walls are occupied and only for invited writers.. To know what walls are paintable you should ask them on insta @snosatra or some writer that is there the same time as you. Great walls with great oppurtunity. They also host events as such as graff jams and festivals and the yearly springbeast with famous writers. Would recomend!!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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