Savernake Park

Legal graffiti wall in Swindon, United Kingdom


small wall 40-50ft long, less than 6ft high.

oh cool, i cant wait to do a piece less than 6ft high !

The information provide below are no longer correct. Spray or make graffiti on the area is illegal under current legislation (call Swindon Council if don't believe)

Swindon Borough Council states that this area is not legal to paint.

Council property. Not really suitable as it's a busy play park in a residential area. Disturbing to residents of block of flats directly behind it and police get involved if loud music is played.

For over a decade SBC and the police have not taken any action against people here. The police have walked by people doing graff here and not taken ANY notice. SBC may say it's not legal but the police say otherwise.

Though previous statements claim it is not legal, the residents have never claimed to have a problem and police do not interfere or have an issue with anyone painting here.

Is this wall still safe to paint?