Legal graffiti wall in Zürich, Switzerland


Since 2006 More Info, see (German): tagi.ch/dyn/news/zuerich/662022.html

chill spot. on the river. too many people around on nice days in summer but early morning is good. wall is huge as well.

There is a long wall along the Lux Guyer Weg. The walls below the bridge Kornhausbrücke are also officially legal.

Still safe!

been there, done that. Still safe

Super spot.

its legal, will always stay legal. a lot of writers here so come early. be careful if you smoke weed because of cops and sometimes shady people will try to finesse you for your weed.

So sick place and walls!! If one wants to paint, this place deserves their attention. Moreover, the actual place is much wider than you can see in 3D google maps. Like couple hundred meters long but it splitted into two parts by the local cafe. So, on the google maps you can see just on part (kinda hall of fame part). It's worth a visit place.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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