Mölndalsväggen. (the Mölndal wall)

Legal graffiti wall in Mölndal Östra, Sweden


The wall is practicly in gothenburg. bp1.blogger.com/_Pqlx3g6ZcJ4/RzdM3C_0DFI/AAAAAAAADHc/cDNH-crCaLo/s320/jksadf-034.jpg Anyway here is a part of the wall. I'd say that this production covers 7/10 of the wall. And to get there from the Gothenburg C you can take: A) a tram, number 4 to mölndal and jump off at the endstation. B) a train to Kungsbacka and jump of at the second station, same at A) in bothe cases take the stairs up on the large bridge and follow the road directly to the left. In about 2 minutes of walking you will se the wall. Good luck. Ps here are som more pictures from the same wall and various graffiti i Gothenburg. gbggraff.blogspot.com/2007_11_01_archive.html

fortfarande laglig!

I live nearby and the wall is still safe to paint at!!

It's still safe

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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