Peoples Republic Of Stokes Croft

Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


a whole neighbourhood of spots to paint! the project is driven by a handful of local artists and not sanctioned in any way by the city council. paint by appointment only (and at your own risk.) the organisers have a bias towards 'street art'. for more information visit

The boards fitted into the arches of Westmoreland House & The Carriageworks (big abandoned building on the right) were erected by The PRSC so any painting isn't damaging the building, however the police still may stop & search you, and if they recognise any tags... Also in the pedestrianised James Barton roundabout (known as the Bearpit) down the hill boards have been put up for painting. Although going over specifically sanctioned pieces may get you in trouble there's usually plenty of dogged-up boards to paint on

Is this wall still safe to paint?