Fábrica de Fiação

Legal graffiti wall in Tomar, Portugal


Huge abandoned factory in Tomar, have a look at the satellite imagery. No official entry, you'll have to climb 3-4m walls to get in. The map marks the entry gate, which was shut. The wall right to it is probably the best entry point. Watch out when entering / getting out since it's located in a residential area. Take care inside the factory as it's falling apart. Address: R. Fábrica da Fiação 16, 2300 Tomar, Portugal Coordinates: 39° 36.552’N, 8° 24.504’W Obviously this is not legal. Enter and paint at your own discretion.

Visited in 2016. The entry gate is barred and the whole area surrounded by a wall. No easy entry. prepare for climbing in plain sight. It's worth it. Huge and amazing!

Easy to enter, have a rail by the river

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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