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Champion Park

Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


for 14 years it was a secret spot known only to a handful of native bristolian writers. with the explosion of photo sharing websites its location was revealed to a wider audience and a variety of visitors began to pass through. two walls: one freestanding, 25 feet by 6, paint both sides. the second is the back of some garages located next to the childrens play area, maybe 30 feet long 7 feet high.

take the number 7 bus from the city centre to station road. journey 20-30 minutes.

yeah nuff sick place but kinda feels a shame cus theres good pieces already up and don't really feel right painting over

Info is correct but the 'freestanding' wall is much taller than 6 feet. I think it's nearer 7 feet, at least. As usual I never have my tape measure on me when i need it ;-)

Been down there before and done a few pieces with mates. seems to be 1 rly good piece but littered with a known tagger "ZESK" who pretty much has no repect as will go over anyones piece with his own one :(

The walls on the back of the garages are private property and aren't legal walls.

Due to representatives of the South Gloucestershire Council this wall is not legal anymore.

the walls have been taken over by the council.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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