Eller S

Legal graffiti wall in Düsseldorf, Germany


Thw walls of S-Bahnhof Eller (Vennhauser Allee)

Legalized in 2015. Older streetviews show the spot illegally painted. derwesten.de/nrz/staedte/duesseldorf/graffiti-fuer-alle-aimp-id10413182.html

Was there yesterday, really nice wall really big with some awesome pictures. Police drove by me 2 times and didnt say anything so yea it really legal, theres also a sign that says its allowed :D 10/10

There are a lost of big pieces, the place for beginners is not really big!

Es ist komplett legal aber als Anfänger kann man dort nicht viel machen.

This is a big legal wall and beginners can do also there part. only the park possibilities are a bit bad.

You can Park over the Bridge in Front of penny market. Nice spot but for beginners there is not so much space.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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