St Werburghs Tunnel

Legal graffiti wall in Bristol, United Kingdom


a 200ft long tunnel in a quiet, cosmopolitan bristol neighbourhood. it was allocated as a space for "continuous art" in 2008. both sides are OK to paint, but theres not many layers yet. it attracts a lot of street art and community murals. paint a character for the kids!

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information is correct

this place looks cool in Google Street View:

For some reason you think think this tunnel is Bristol City Councils property Its not it's Network Rails and they have confirmed they consider all forms of Graffiti is criminal damage. Especially as spray painting Victorian brick in tunnels as said paint seals theses bricks and them from breathing hence producing an enhanced decomposition of the tunnels structures Please stop lieing to the community and the police there are no legal graffiti walls anywhere in Bristol despite the likes of Cris Chalkley might say. You all looking at arrest and prosecution.

Again (Mr Naysayer), a councilor today confirmed that this is one of 2 spots they consider legal walls. We're in the process of getting more too :)

network rail has confirmed in writing that this is not a free wall and arrests will be made by either british transport police or more likley avon and somerset police - if in doubt email McEvoy Shaun <>

Spoke with police recently and this was confirmed a place where graffiti is accepted, they view it as a place where people can paint without fear of arrest.

Is this wall still safe to paint?