The Forum Building Art Alley

Legal graffiti wall in Fargo, United States


This is in the alley, only paint on The Forum's side of the alley. You will see graffiti starting on the back of the The Forum's building and go all the way down to a light pole that has a short note about respecting the privilege that this wall is and not to fuck it up by being stupid.

Still safe to paint! They have a rule board and everything.

This wall's amazing.

The cops/BID (BID takes care of downtown) document this wall. So keep that in mind, I have had BID pretend to casually talk to me, luckily I had just started my outline so I just said I was freestyling and didn't know what I was painting. I saw them talk to another writer too and they photographed everything. You can paint here, but if youre using your street name make sure they don't see you painting if youre a local writer.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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