Legal graffiti wall in Halmstad, Sweden


The Halmstad wall is Halmstads own open art wall at the Halmstad Arena. Everyone is welcome here, to paint with such as hands, brush, roller or spray can. halmstad.se/halmstadvaggen The wall is divided into two sections with the idea of ​​giving space to both more experienced painters and beginners. On the 30 meter long wall that runs along the skate park, we welcome those who want to spend a little more time and resources on their artwork. On the shorter wall, 15 meters, we welcome anyone who wants to try out and test their way. You can even paint on both sides of the wall. Walls are free to paint on if you follow the rules below: * Do not paint other than the designated places. * Paint nothing that can be offensive. * Take your rubbish, cans and other things or throw it in the bin. * Show respect to those who use the skate park and staying in the area. * Have an open and friendly attitude to passersby.

Still safe & legal! Cool kids in the skating park! Regards from Germany, Siegen :) Bohne & Emil ♡

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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