Legal graffiti wall in Taunton, United Kingdom


two brick walls, approx 6' high and 30' long. slow turnover of pieces. don't go over the memorials or commissioned work! if theres no room, go to the pedestrian subways which run beneath obridge viaduct and toneway - access via wheatley crescent. nice flat surfaces in these, between 7 and 8 feet in height but not good for photos. the concrete pillars supporting the viaduct are also paintable, with the added attraction of being visible from trains, but they are not strictly legal so expect a mixture of responses from the public if you paint them.

the rules are you dont go over someone unless you paint something better. it is not an offical legal site, it is owned by knightstone housing. Expect the police to pop down if you are painting. you can talk your way out of it if you are painting somethin proper. the wall in the field is legle.

This entry is right when it says that the concrete pillars supporting Obridge Viaduct are not legal: someone was recently issued with an £80 on-the-spot fine when they were caught painting one of them. Paint there at your own risk...

Judging from the satellite and streetview, the location on the map seems off

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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