Saubermacher legal wall

Legal graffiti wall in Graz, Austria


Its behind the Saubermacher Areal! Drive to Sturzplatz, then drive along the sturzgasse until the end. Go left (into the city) on the road next to the Mur. It's about 100m long and probably 5 meters high. There are traintracks along the wall, what gives it a great atmosphere. Some great art, some less great art and lots of defacement in spring when the idiots awake! Pieces have an average life of 4 weeks, 8 weeks with small defacement a and 2.5 months until there's someone painting over it!

The best wall in Graz. Good surface and makes for great pictures with the train tracks in front of it. The occasional freight train does run here, albeit very rarely, so don't put all your stuff on the tracks just in case. Activity is up lately, nothing lasts for 8 weeks like the other comment says, but that's how it is.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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