Refshaleøen factory

Legal graffiti wall in København, Denmark


abandoned factory converted into skatepark. you can paint the long wall along the backside of the skatepark, no one will care. just dont paint on top of the white panels, they seem to buff that part

This wall is not legal

totally fine to pain nobody cares

This wall is not legal to paint

The owners said it's totally legal!

There’s kinda mixed opinions about this wall - some people say it’s legal, some say it’s not. So to clarify (from personal experience) - the owners dont care, and they say it’s okay to paint it, as long as you clean up after yourself (empty cans, rollers, used caps etc.). And while the majority of the locals are nice, and dont really care, there are still some who thinks the wall isn’t legal, therefore they call the cops… And when the cops arrive, there is a pretty big chance they will give you a ticket, since they often dont want to take the time to clarify if it’s okay with the owners. So it’s up to you! The wall is nice and really big, but think about if it’s worth the risk. Hope this info helps!

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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