Corvallis Legal Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Corvallis, United States


Next to the railroad tracks behind the Beekman Place building. Warning: Police are known to show up and annoy people painting at the wall with questions about whether they know writers who have been causing trouble in the city.

Yep, It's been there for a couple years now. Relatively low turnover. Surface with small ridges surface for most of the wall.

Just tagged it today it’s still up!

Tagged a few days ago, cops rolled by without a bother

I’ve never had chance but I’ll take the opportunity too, don’t know much about room or if covering sections interrupts flow of image meaning or reflection of missing piece matters if picture is one story or many. Oh what the g book I’ll go find my gold paint! Knot Enuf.!’

Going soon

Thank goodness

Still a good place to do pieces. If you go after 4:30 on weekdays or on the weekends. Business owners that wall is attached to will ask you to come back at those times as the fumes propose a hazard for their workers.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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