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Vangazi legal wall

Legal graffiti wall in Vangaži, Latvia


This is 100% legal wall about 200m long, near the road.

The wall looks whitewashed on streetview in 2016, looks inofficial. Please leave a comment if you know otherwise.

Still safe, there was graffiti jam in 2019

Very nice bouncer at the security box. Even offered us a ladder which we kindly declined. Super nice wall just remember to have a few cold beers with you. Watch out for dogshit on the ground. 5/5.

Still Safe and super nice „bouncers“ at the Gate just ask them and they will welcome you

Still legal and completely safe

The wall is coverd with grafiti and the owners have made it illegal to paint without perrmison

Wall is safe was there two days ago very nice people and nice service

Yes you can practice there but be respectfull

wall is still safe

Is this wall still safe to paint?