Olympia Freewall

Legal graffiti wall in Olympia, United States


On the back of the theater, the wall is legal for graffiti. just don't paint on the surrounding buildings. there is a paint shop about a block away that sells mtn paints.

Camera now monitoring wall. Cops come and threaten arrests

Still paint here frequently with friends, sometimes by myself

Still a legal spot but they have a camera nearby and an older guy in a van (civilian) comes through often to monitor what's going on/keep an eye out for familiar names. Be cautious!

The man in the van still posts up here and there, but just keep an eye out

Painted here like 10 times now. Its dope. Just look out for some of the homeless dudes

Took my whole family there including 10 year old sister. Cop walked through and chatted for a bit, but was not there about us. Cop was there about a guy who worked in the building behind it. Cop and guy both said they loved the free wall and support its use. Going back!

still safe, just be careful

It's great, just watch out for tweakers and you might get yelled at but i've only been yelled at once and I just explained the wall was legal. 👌

The building has been purchased by a developer and is currently in the permitting process to construct a new mixed-use establishment.

Go there weekly

Is this wall still safe to paint?