Largo da Oliveirinha

Legal graffiti wall in Lisboa, Portugal


some cool legal walls to paint in a chilled way, the trem rail its near and you can take a really good photo in the end!!

The walls seem to be legal. You can purpose-built "canvasses" on street-view. Will be there in April and will check it out.

Painted last week, the "purpose-built "canvasses" " all had very well planned out illustrative collaborations with charaters ect.. but thither down the hill on the left are blue boards for pieces. Calçada da Glória is the name on the hill.

Painted May 8th 2017! Totally chill you can get Sagres 40oz & lunch in the park at the top!

Good workshop

I seem to be Safe, i painted there yesterday. Really nice Spot.

Cops said i could not paint here,i was midpiece,bummer,,,

Painted feb 2018 no problem. MONtana shop said it’s a legal wall, and a policeman saw me paint and didn’t seem to mind

Nice walls to paint! Some are big and some small, was there yesterday and had a great time in the sun.

No problem! Very good place

Still Safe

Was there las weekend and no problem. People pass by and take picture.

Painted there today and its a chill place , people there are 100% chill

Nice spot, everyone is cool about it. Painted there and only caught tourist's attention

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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