Amoreiras, Lisboa

Legal graffiti wall in Lisboa, Portugal


Quite high and long wall in Lisboa.

nice sopt near business area of lisabon. wall is about 5m high! recomend!

confirmed legal and live feb 2013. zyggy ot.

Still going strong in july 2014. If you wan to see the wall, you can do it on streetview.

Ever-changing and welcoming of any cool additions, you can check the wall here:

Have been there many, many times. Always good quality pieces to be seen.

Streetview from 2015

A lot of big concept pieces here. Feels more like you need a permission to paint. The smaller quicker pieces are dating way back. I advise to check the legality before painting.

new graffiti made in May '17, no permit required, police was there a few times, no hassle

Painted couple of days ago without problems. Don't cover old pieces or big concepts and it's gonna be fine

Great Wall! Totally chilled, bring a lot of colors! :)

..Painted here few day ago, strange feeling but everything ok. PUDA from Czech Republic

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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