Hall Of Fame - Kissel Heerlen

Legal graffiti wall in Heerlen, Netherlands


Hundreds of square meters. Free official legal wall since august 2013. One of the larger HOFs in the Netherlands. Easy to find and access.... No cops, no hassles... Check and like it on Facebook: facebook.com/halloffameheerlen One can get there by train or bus. Bus Stop / Train Stop "Kissel Heerlen", both bus and train stop directly in front of the Hall Of Fame. There's a car park also directly in front of the HOF and next to the main road. By car: "Mijnspoorweg - Heerlen"; it leads directly to the HOF from Heerlen or Landgraaf. Also easy to access by foot, bike or motor cycle or skateboard. Skatepark lies nearby on the other side of the main road.

nice wall i've been there couple of weeks ago , its directly near the train station , easy to find

Is this wall still safe to paint?