Legal graffiti wall in Poole, United Kingdom


30 metres either side and 25 foot high, under a bridge, on a good day probably get around 14-16 good pieces there in total, stuff lasts here for about a month before someone with go over it

cool spot,just under motorway with a small skate park,been there yesterday and no probs..

This is not a legal wall. The art at the skatepark was commissioned from a local artist and created with the local community.

This is not a legal site please remove from your listings

I painted here recently was here for way over 3 hours no hassle no disturbance just a few kids in the skatepark telling me to not go over their mate.

I dont believe this is "legal" however I have been there a whole bunch of times with no issue. It appears that as people have carried on its become accepted. At the end of the day, you are painting over paint. Who cares, go for it. E

Painted the other day no bother

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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