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Art Alley

Legal graffiti wall in Rapid City, United States


Art Alley is a city block long alley tucked just behind Main Street in the heart of Downtown rapid City. NO PERMIT REQUIRED TO PAINT. It is a tourist destination, viewed and photographed by thousands of tourists and locals every year. During the summer,nearly 10,000 people walk through Art Alley each Thursday Night for the Summer Nights Festival, where street performers play and art merchants set up booths. You will not be hassled day or night as long as you're respectful of the space, business and building owners, and the locals. It is encouraged that you go around to the front of the building and let them know that you'd like to paint. Non local artists are welcomed by local artists, and the environment is positive. More information is located at these two sites. Message this facebook page for further info..

They've added a restriction to get a permit, but the process isn't too hard. There are some walls in the a that don't allow it even with a permit.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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