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Graffiti Tunnel

Legal graffiti wall in Belmont, United States


Tunnel not very big, about the same size as the Cambridge Legal Wall. Not 100% if legal yet but since its already filled with Graffiti the chances of cops hassling you is small. Its near the police station, if you want to be safe you can stop by there and ask wether its legal or not. Its near a main road but its not visible from the street (somewhat underground). Legal or not its a pretty safe spot to hit!

definitely not a legal wall!..all the paintings looked to be about 10 years old so i did go into the police station to ask and they looked at me like i hade three heads and said no definitely not legal they said it was a felony cuz its the MBTA's property so they had me call them and they said absolutely not.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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