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Gleisdreieckpark / Legacy Hall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany


20 meter concrete wall as part of a railway fly-over. In a park near skateboarding bowl and basketball-field.

Don't paint on the wall near the skate park unless you want beef with the Legacy crews. All other walls are free game. The Legacy store owner has claimed the wall near the skate park for exclusive usage by hand-selected artists with his permission. Does he legally own this wall? Hard to say. I set up my stuff here to paint on a blank section of a piece by another artist and was confronted by an angry crew. We worked it out in the end even though things almost got out of hand. I had a Gopro on my chest filming everything, so nothing happened. My argument was that the nature of street art is in itself temporary. You paint today with the knowledge it may be gone tomorrow. These guys are territorial and I don't like threats. But we squashed it eventually. I do realize that I may have been defensive but it was the way I was approached that caused me to. Luckily I had not painted yet and nobody got hurt. So, a warning for all artists, information you read here may not always be enough to decide to paint somewhere safely.

As written before, you have to go to Legacy (or Downstairs), a Graffiti-shop near the wall and ask for permission. Not legal there.

The LEGACY Hall of Fame,, is absolutely safe to paint under 1 condition: get a "paint permit". It is not a legal wall. To paint is merely tolerated with the "paint permit". The 10 Do’s and Don’ts in order to paint safely on the LEGACY Hall of Fame at Gleisdreieck Park in Berlin. 1. Is this wall legal? No, you need a "paint permit" in order to paint on the wall. Painting is not legal. Painting is merely tolerated with a permit. 2. Where do I get a "paint permit"? You get the permit in the LEGACY Graffiti Shop very close to the park entry. Yorckstraße 53, 10965 Berlin. Opening hours are from 12 to 8 p.m. from Monday till Saturday. 3. Will my art be judged by the person who gives me the permit? No. He or she will not judge your art. The relevant info in order to determine your skill level: - for how long you have painted - your personal evaluation of your own skills Depending on your skills you will be given permission to paint on a particular part of the wall (left, middle & right part) 4. Do I also need a "paint permit" for Sundays? Yes. You can get it for example on the day before, Saturday. You will need a „paint permit“ for every day you are painting. The park management is trained to ask you and will ask you once you are painting at the wall. Even a MODE 2 or POET are being asked for a permit. 5. Does it matter where I paint? Yes it does matter where you paint. In general: a) Left part: Reserved for Graffiti pioneers / Graffiti heads / conceptional work. That means you have put quite some planning in your art production. b) Middle part: Mostly crew productions. c) Right part: guests Do not decide where you can paint yourself. You will be advised where you can paint upon receiving the „paint permit“. The park management checks the permit that says where you can paint. 6. Are some people or crews favoured over other? No one is favoured, as long as you play by the rules. Your ethical or social background and upbringing does not matter at all. I have seen kids paint there as well as old national and international Graffiti Heads as well as everything in between. 7. Can I paint with Chrome? Absolutely not. Chrome is not permitted on the wall. Show respect and put some time and effort in your piece. 8. Do I have to prepaint the wall? a) The left part: Yes, you will definitely need to prepaint the wall - all the up and down, even if you do not use the entire height for your piece. This part is reserved for Graffiti pioneers / Graffiti heads / conceptional work. That means you have put quite some planning in your art production. Your art is not being judged, nor do you have to show your concept. b) Middle part: No, you don’t have to prepaint. c) Right part: No, you don’t have to prepaint. 9. Why does the LEGACY Graffiti shop owner decide who gets a permit? The wall was a complete mess before with a majority of pieces that showed none to 0 effort. Lots of chrome pieces (where you have had a tough time painting another piece over it) and just no passion to create any kind of piece. Also you got beef with the park management, they send EVERYONE away since they were not keen to handle the bureaucracy of getting your details and keeping up with who can paint and who cannot. The LEGACY owner is managing the walls free of charge in his own time. He does not charge anything for the permit and he takes the time for the bureaucracy to make tolerated painting possible. He has a very good relationship with the park management personell and even talks to them on Sundays when there is a problem at the wall. He is very dedicated to a social environment that creates harmony and where everybody can enjoy himself and the art in the park. Show respect to get respect back. PROBLEMS with him only evolve in following cases: - you do not have a paint permit - you have been told where to paint and choose to paint somewhere else - you do not prepaint the left side of the wall - you are lying - you are aggressive - you are disrespecting others at the wall 10. Have Fun. Fun is contagious. Be respectful and have fun in order to enjoy the privilege of the community. Disclaimer: The person who gives you the „paint permit“ can not be hold accountable if someone crosses your piece or if someone does not play by the rules. He does however do his best, so that almost all people respect the rules and enjoy themselves. If you need help or do have a question, do not hesitate to ask him. He takes his time to give answers and give you tips and – if wished – even discusses your matter to give advise. Treat him like you would like to be treated yourself.

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