City Legal Graffiti Spot

Legal graffiti wall in Adelaide, Australia


Directly across from City Skate. Located on North Terrace, this is a great wall.

Ever changing wall that always contains quality.

Good wall! I wish there was a few around the suburbs though

Wall has been knocked over

Wall hasn't been knocked over, still able to paint underneath bridge and on side.

Yes this wall is verry safe to paint and it also lets people do graffiti

This wall continues around the corner under the bridge and everyday there are new additions to it. Its really cool, makes the tram ride into the city enjoyable.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

All graffiti spots in this legal wall directory are contributed by users. Information you find here may be incorrect or outdated. Always verify the legality of graffiti walls with local authorities before painting. We do not take responsibility in any illegal activities performed based on the information on this site. Also refer to our Terms of service & privacy policy

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