Tennis Club Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France

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A nice big wall, limit is probably around 5 pieces. A lot of beginners like to practise here, so it is pretty nice for painting anything without getting any beef. Active wall, you can usually meet other artists here. No need to bring a ladder if you want to do something on top, or just a big ass piece, there are barriers lying around which can easily be used as ladders. The police have already come to me and some friends, they were completely fine with it. Just one warning: those cops took my name and tag name, luckily I thought of some fake tag name which looked similar to what I was doing on the wall, always have one of these fake names in case, otherwise they could arrest you. (this happened only once to me after painting actively on this wall for about 3 years)

Is this wall still safe to paint?