Novo spot

Legal graffiti wall in Moskva, Russia


2 sides legal walls. Futura 2000 was here

works in 2022

One of the sides of the walls is painted brown and covered with a net, apparently to protect it from "vandalism". Security cameras also cover part of that wall, but the other wall is still safe to paint, as we did a couple of tags and a throwie with my friend with no comments nor remarks from numerous passerbys. At the very least, pedestrian traffic here is non-existent and as such, your risks of encountering law enforcement are minimal either way. Make sure to bring a roller and paint or a high-pressure can with a fat cap, as painting your own stuff would necessitate a go-over, considering the walls are already covered in graff which would not look nice with more stuff casually slapped on top without preparation.

Is this wall still safe to paint?

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