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Flora Park - Bunker

Legal graffiti wall in Hamburg, Germany


A big old shelter in the middle of the little Flora Park. Very culturally... And there are a lot of profis.

I'm not sure but I heard, that you need to ask for a permission to paint on the flira park bunker. Sadly I couldn' find a way to ask for one, since there is no email address or anything given. Does anyone have further information?

Male da oft gibt kein problem alles legal

Könnte nicht besser sein viele wände

War da noch nicht oft aber sehr schöne Wand, viele Möglichkeiten, alles legal (hab auch zur Sicherheit Leute vor Ort nochmal gefragt) und man findet auch schöne Stellen für Anfänger*innen oder zum üben einfach so, ohne krasse pieces zu crossen

Geht auf jedenfall gut klar

sind viele passanten aber kann man easy malen

Renovierung fertig, man kann ganz normal sprayen.

Great place to paint!

local here. you gotta get a permission. since a few months newly moved in neighbors are calling the cops. cops arent motivated to get a big bust, since they know it is tolerated. anyway move in to underpressure or take a look for the mobile number on the container. you can still paint there, even without the permission. but on your own risk. you might get controlled by the police which will then start the whole process of writing a public complaint etc.

Is this wall still safe to paint?