Stoke Hall of Fame

Legal graffiti wall in Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom


70metre long underpass. Authorised by Highways Agency & Amey in conjunction with NTRPRNRS.COM - You'll find all information over at the aforementioned website.

All legitimate. Chilled spot, lighting in centre bit poor but soon adjust. Lighting is to be fitted in the future apparantly...

it needs painting over and better light i went today good though #joshy.

Take mulsh as the walls are new! Lighting is in the pipeline too!

Needs new tags adding, also lots of off road motorbikes use it, making it a bit unsafe at times

still a god space, still a lot of off road motorsbike action though - so keep your wits about you

Highways have refused to add lighting and no funding for barriers to stop the bikes that can come though . Paint near the edges, take mulsh to cover older work. Weekdays you'll be hard pressed to see a single person there - really chilled!

Chilled spot,we need more local spots like this shout out to all the Stoke writers

Is this wall still safe to paint?