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Wildstyle-Shop Wall

Legal graffiti wall in Berlin, Germany


Take the metro U7 to the station "Haselhorst". The wall belongs to I've been there 2 years ago, so I don't know if the wall is still open for painting.

the wall is still legal! (4sure!) yesterday i painted there! but you have 2 take ure emty cans with u! c u there! fertone!

umust buy a member card and u must accept the licence

This wall is still legal. It's pretty easy to find. Just leave the metro station in direction of "Lagerweg". Walk a few meters and then turn left. You should see the wall on the right side of the street now. The left part is not legal. Locals told me that the owners will call the police if you paint there. Right wall is legal but you have to be some kind of member at the shop. If you're from abroad you might get around this by asking kindly. Very chilled to paint, no hassle. Drawback is that there are mainly bad graffs and your piece doesn't get much attention. The guys at the shop (which are very nice by the way) didn't know any other walls in Berlin. But a local told me that there are 10 to 15 other walls around. The guys of wrote that they have maps to 4 other walls. So if you want to paint somewhere else, just ask the locals. You'll find a legal wall for sure.

Still legal in 2013. Lots of space.

Lagerweg, 13599 Berlin, Germany

The officel Graffiti Hall of Fame o Wildstyle Shop the first graffiti store from Europe are still Running since 1991. Every Year is this Spot the place to be for real style Kings. 3 times in a year is this Wall the location for berlin biggest Style Battle Event "100 DOSEN BATTLE" by the 1 Place Win 100 cans. This year we are open the Train Yard Hall of Fame. On a part of the wall are build a 15m Train with Doors and windows. A licens to paint you get at the ldstyle shop

its not a legal wall. its a privat wall. if u paint that wall without legitimation he will call the cops.happens many times in thepast though . u have to pay for a legitimation. troll part: the shopowner, owns the wall. although that places is somewhere lost in space. junk laying around everywhere. looks like a warzone, for crackheads all u need to know about that place .. the shopowner list above. also he claim to be known in berlin , which he isnt. see above how hard he try to husstle

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