Hall of Fame Bassersdorf

Legal graffiti wall in Bassersdorf, Switzerland


The wall is located about 200m from the trainstation. Painting is tolerated by the owners so you don't have to expect difficulties. The path is quite frequently used by pedestrians. Please take your empty cans and garbage with you so that the spot stays open.

It's a really nice spot...

Awesome! A long wall and lots of good work.

Still up. Police drives by from time to time and notes personal data. The owner of the wall is called "Cellere", just in case they ask if you have a permission.

Still safe. Please dont steal any ladders

It's safe. There were about 10 people spraying today

there some guy on cocaine that wanted to rob my cans and headbutted me but the spot is chill 🤷🏼‍♂️

no coke junkies

Safe and calm. Good for amateurs, because there is a way and not a place with people ;) . Cans can be dispoded of the site in a basket.

really peaceful, nobody there on 3.06.2021

The wall is easy to reach from the trainstation (5‘ walk). There is a garbage bin besides it and the path is frequently used by joggers etc.

All good

Really nice spot, and officially legal

Still a very nice place to paint. lot of lil kids fucking up nice works.

Nice wall but my work is fucked up one day after i paint it. Police checked me for no reason and gave me a ticket for to long Parking. But all in all a nice wall.

No problems at all. Spoke to police chief of this place. No problem, you'll find it cuul. The owner of the wall is the company in the courtyard. since 1989. Pictures just don't last long, everything is painted over very quickly.

Is this wall still safe to paint?