Beverly Free Wall

Legal graffiti wall around McPherson Dr, Beverly, MA 01915, USA


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Right on the train track. takes up the entire back of a factory in central beverly.

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Comment May 11 2014

My favorite spot.

DAVO #bumbinghappens

Comment May 25 2013

Yes the wall is legal I live in Beverly look for my tag im also atl crew I go by Kaotic

Confirmation March 29 2013

Yes, this is a very legal wall. The building is known as Clemenzi Industrial Park. I know the Clemenzis and they endorse this wall. They will even be happy to talk if people want to do a real project there. There have been photo shoots and the occasional famous artist contributions. The building manager is there Monday through Friday, but you don't have to ask his permission. There are people who do clean areas of the wall if there is something too offensive, but it's rare. They also require to clean up after yourselves. Also, DON'T PAINT ON THE BARE BRICKFACE! There's no reason to, and it's impossible to clean.

Confirmation September 9 2012

wall is alive and kickin' still!

Comment May 21 2012

this wall is very cool, and yes very legal,,let's keep that way DON'T F IT UP!!!! cool stuff something new every day,check it out!!!!

Confirmation July 30 2011

Wall is definitely legal... My school is right near it and my art teacher took me and a couple kids down there to throw some stuff up. Great pieces up there. Bad thing is your gunna get sprayed over QUICK but good thing is there's always new stuff to see.

Confirmation November 16 2010

Legal, legal, legal, gone here many times, never had a problem. HIT THIS UP!

Confirmation August 16 2010

yup 100% legal!!

Confirmation April 11 2010

This wall is most %100 legal and awesome. check it out. i live right next to it and have seen kids from come from all over New England to come paint here. Look for CHUNKS...

Comment March 30 2010

i mean i know cats that have rocked it. trains go by, it IS a legal wall from what i hear, but your shit will be dissed or gone over right away! i havent been there but i plan on it this friday!!

Confirmation March 23 2010

yea man i hit this wall a few times they send a 5-0 detail down every once in a while to make sure theres no gang tags but thas it
its mad chill there

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